SAS Platform Administrator

Job description: Job duties and responsibilities

-        Responsible for the functional/technical administration of Enterprise SAS environment. This includes supporting the technical architecture as well as supporting end user inquiries.

-        Provide subject matter expertise for production and / or platform issues.

-        Establish best practices and guidelines for use of the SAS platform.

-        Evaluate performance and recommend / implement measures to improve performance of the SAS environment.

-        Provide recommendations on current and future platform capacity requirements.

-        Create and maintain a library of supporting documentation.


Job specification:

-        Extensive experience in various SAS Solutions like (AML, EGRC, BI. Grid, FS, OA, VA) implementation, installation, architecture design, and administration.

-        Profound understanding of various SAS Solution’s backend functionality.

-        Ability to increase/decrease debugging levels of SAS logs for troubleshooting.

-        Strong knowledge in modifying/updating SAS Server’s various configuration files to optimize the SAS Sessions.

-        Support multiple analytic tools under Enterprise SAS such as SAS VA, DI, VI, Enterprise Miner, Enterprise Guide, SAS Visual Analytics, and SAS Management Studio.

-        Apply maintenance releases, upgrades, and hot-fixes as required.

-        Design solutions to reduce the operational and management complexity of the SAS platform.

-        Design, implement, and maintain platform security.

-        Create SAS libraries, register and manage metadata for SAS libraries, maintain SAS user access and renew SAS licenses.

-        Hands-on experience with SAS (PC SAS, Enterprise Guide, SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office, Enterprise Miner, SAS Studio).

-        Strong SAS coding development and debugging skills.

-        Experience with SAS Management Console and SAS Environment Manager.

-        Experience writing SAS programs and creating/modifying/updating SAS configuration files.

-        Experience administering multi-tier SAS environments; various types of SAS servers and troubleshooting the same.

-        Background in administering SAS Mid-tier (e.g., Stored Process, Workspace, OLAP, SAS VA, LASR Analytics servers, Catalina, Apache Web Server, Gemfire).

-        Proficient in SQL, Oracle, and/or Microsoft SQL Server.

-        Familiar with UNIX/LINUX shell scripting.

-        Strong interpersonal skill and willing to work in team.

-        Excellent verbal and written skills both in Thai and English.

-        Self-motivated and positive.