Mobile/Flutter Developer

Summary: Data analyst with demonstrated in interpreting, analyzing and reconciliation of data obtained from a variety of sources, skills involve development and enhancement of the existing processes and methods to meet both internal and external analysis requirements. Effective with analytical tools and communication skills essential in conveying results in analysis. Performed data query, extraction, compilation, reporting tasks, complex data mining, validating and analyzing data. 


  • Responsible for ETL Development and Data Management. 
  • Involved in design and testing of ETL code interface integration & database structures to build data marts. 
  • Involved in design and development of Extract Transform and Load processes for Data Integration Project to build data marts. 
  • Analyzed database designs and system integration processes to make suggestions for further enhancement. 
  • Develop reports for Regulatory agencies AMLO. 
  • Assist customer with technical issues, conducting queries and retrieving data from various source. 
  • Analyze the data validation and data issues. 
  • Monitors the Batch Flow for ETL.