ETL Developer

Job Descriptions:-

•       Works and collaborates with others on consulting projects and special projects as assigned.

•       Provides reliable delivery of targeted project results through role as expert in the application of specific SAS methodologies, projects and technologies.

•       Understands, utilizes and communicates best practice methodologies and industry standards internally and externally.

•       Performs as SAS developer using SAS Data Integration Studio and other SAS related software

•       Extracts, transforms and loads source data into the SAS environment from multiple sources, including major DBMS and application system transaction files, third-party software packages, and spreadsheet applications.

•       Understanding of ER and Dimensional Models.

•       Works with a Scheduling Tool, LSF.

•       Communicate with various stakeholders: technical and end-user, staff and management.

•       ETL development, data integration technology.

•       Applies the concept of business intelligence.

•       Applies data warehouse concepts and data models for data warehousing.

•       Builds the data mart, designing data schemas, and subject definitions. In addition he/she will enable custom ETL and reporting functionality.

•       Performs other duties as assigned.


•       Bachelor’s degree or higher in IT engineering, computer science.

•       3+ years’ experience of programming and/or support for database application.

•       Experience in the Data Warehouse, Data Mining will be advantages.

•       Experience in SAS DI or related is an advantage.

•       Requires excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to read, write and communicate professionally in both Thai and English.